Muse Lokajickova on The Brayton Birth Method Podcast

Revolutionary Care for the Generative Systems

Muse Lokajickova is an incredible practitioner of medicine for the generative systems. What does that mean? She explains it in her first podcast interview extremely clearly. Take a listen.

Dr. Laura Brayton, host of the Well-Adjusted Mama podcast, is a chiropractor at the Brayton Birth Method in Hoboken, New Jersey. This interview crossed not only countries but continents, as Muse lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This conversation weaves from the nervous system, the breath, expansion of the idea that the generative organs not only the origin of a new life in the form of a baby, trauma stored in the pelvis, resolution of emotional material (even when we are unaware of what that is), the global issue of colonialism, and more.

How to Find Muse & Dr. Brayton:

Learn more about Muse at her website:

And… if you’re lucky enough to be near Hoboken, NJ, reach out to Dr. Brayton at

Closing Words that I just Love:

“We can always bless our body with our own touch and attention, and let the medicine of our breath ventilate our system.”

-Muse, Medicine of the Feminine

Etienne Peirsman: Mahasoma Podcast

Curious about CranioSacral Therapy? Listen in to my Etienne Peirsman’s wonderful interview with Laura Poole on the Mahasoma Podcast. To learn more about how podcast bookings can grow your reach, click here.

Show Notes:

“In this episode we are very excited to have Etienne Peirsman share with our community his life’s work. Etienne has spent over 40 years developing and teaching Craniosacral, which is a profound technique that incorporates meditative depth into therapy. In this episode we speak about what craniosacral is, the therapy side and the ‘non-doing’ meditative side, and how Etienne’s near-death experience brought him to the practice. We also explore how to heal our hearts to let love flow, a new way of working with trauma and the healing power of doing nothing. Laura and Etienne speak about how craniosacral has changed people’s lives, how we can learn to give craniosacral to ourselves and others, and finally Etienne shares his greatest passion – teaching craniosacral to kids, and he speaks about the importance of birthing our children in non-violent ways.”

How to Find Etienne:

Peirsman CranioSacral Academy

Instagram: @peirsmancraniosacral


Interview on Glow Up Gals: Complex Cases

“This week, Jess interviews Heather Vaughan, an ayurvedic practitioner
and conscious media manager. Heather shares her glow up story, including her health struggles with ankylosing spondylitis, how Western medicine wasn’t the answer for her, and how that ultimately led her to where she is today with her healing and career treating complex cases.”

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Ayurveda Embodied: Learn, Practice, Heal

Now enrolling for Ayurveda Embodied: Learn, Practice, Heal with Emmie Stamell, C. Ay, RYT, and Heather Vaughan, C. Ay.

Ayurveda Embodied is a 9-month, in-depth online Ayurvedic studies program.

This is your initiation to a lifetime of study. We invite you on this journey of learning, cultivation, refining as we continue our own. As students of Dr. Vasant Lad, we are committed to offering the depths of wisdom Ayurveda has to offer, beginning with philosophical roots and moving into the manifestation of health and disease. Heather and Emmie have each been studying Ayurveda for 15 years, and practicing for over a decade.

We are thrilled to share this program—a labor of love—from our hearts to yours.

Each module includes theory, practice, a sanskrit shloka (chant), a guided meditation, and suggested readings.

  • Module 1 (May 21 -July 30) will cover cosmology, the doshas, and intro to self-treatment based on prakruti-vikruti paradigm and dinacharya (daily routine).
  • Module 2 (August 6-October 29) includes seasonal kala chikitsa, assessment and treatment of agni (digestion) and ama (toxic by-products).
  • Module 3 (November 5- January 27, 2020) covers manas (the mind), srotamsi (energy channels), prana (life force) and more.

The 3 modules are each 3 months long and can be purchased a la carte or as a whole, for a discount.

Who is this for?

It’s for anyone who wishes to improve their health and quality of life. You do not need prior knowledge of Ayurveda. This program will serve you immeasurably well for the rest of your life, as you learn to be your own best healer. It’s empowering, life-changing wisdom that we are honored to share in this way! If you are already versed in Ayurveda but have not attended a training program, this will deepen your knowledge.

What’s the format?

The program format is 2, 90-minute lectures and 1, live 60-minute Q&A session per month. There will be a Facebook group for discussion and questions, which Heather and Emmie will monitor twice weekly.

Our schedule will depend on students availability for the Live Q&A. You may watch lectures at your convenience. 

To Sign Up Follow these Links:


By enrolling in the entire program, you receive a discount of $600.

Spring Ayurvedic Detox & Reset

Note: Meetings are held online, and locally in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You may be anywhere in the world to participate. ♥

Spring is the traditional time for detoxification. As the Earth warms, ice melts, rivers begin to flow, plants sprout and grow at a sudden, rapid rate, and our bodies release stagnant toxins built up throughout the Fall and Winter Seasons. Manifestations are springtime allergies, insomnia, tight muscles from the wind, runny noses & colds, phlegm, appetite change and more.

In Ayurveda, Spring is considered the best, most effective time to release these toxins and help them flow out of your body. Inspired by Pancha Karma, this cleanse follows a specific diet and incorporates herbs and practices to detoxify the deep tissues and organs of your body.

A jump-start of your cellular intelligence and innate ability to heal, this detox improves energy levels, sleep, mental state, digestion, and begins the process of improving long-term chronic conditions.

The Program:

Four 60 minute meetings to guide you through:
1. Preparation of the Body
2. Internal & External Oleation
3. Elimination of Toxins
4. Integration back into your typical diet, or, use it as a way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle through a new understanding of food and doing exercise with a new bike from TheMonsterCycle.

You will recieve:
*Healthy delicious kitchari recipes
*Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day Protocol
*An open forum for questions throughout the process. There will be lots of questions!

Dates & Times: We begin this Saturday, April 6th, at 9am MST.

Guided Group Program: $200

With a 60 minute private session with me: $275

Anyone who is curious is welcome to chat with me on the phone about the program to see if it’s a good fit. Send an email to to set up an Introductory Conversation.


Meet Your Herbs: Up Close And Personal At Gaia Farm

Minutes from missing my flight, I snuck into my seat just in time. The airport-dash adrenalin transformed into giddy excitement. Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy sent me to tour Gaia Herbs’ Farm, to sit in fields of flowers in the heaven-on-earth that is Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Gaia Farm is nestled in Transylvania County, affectionately known as the Land of Waterfalls. It’s hard to imagine a better place to grow medicinal herbs than that rich, mineral-soaked soil, nourished by endless water. I couldn’t wait.

The Mountain Way

Generosity, integrity, and grit are an integral part of mountain culture. The feeling spills over into Gaia’s farming philosophy. This farm doesn’t just produce herbs en masse, but participates in an intricate dance between plants, rain, earth, and sky. In return for being tended with such care, the plants grow strong and vibrant, offering powerful polysaccharides for immunity, adaptogenic abilities for fatigue, and emotional lift for heartache.

On The Farm

After a long breakfast our group followed Gaia’s founder, herbalist Ric Scalzo and master herbalist Mary Bove, ND down into the farm to “meet the herbs.” An interweaving of knowledge and experience took place as each herb was described in detail. Bioscience intertwining with Ayurvedic philosophy, Dr. Bove’s experience as a midwife with Scalzo’s rich understanding of plant medicine. No detail left unturned, herbs that act together in formulas have been intentionally planted side by side. Here are some gems from those walks.

Ginkgo Biloba & Hawthorn Berry
Gathering under thickly leaved trees, we are reminded of Gingko’s memory stimulating effects. Neighbor to ginkgo grows hawthorn, the well known heart tonic. Their placement honors the symbiotic relationship created by ginkgo and hawthorn when put together in a heart-mind formula.

Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola leaves are the shape of a brain! This Ayurvedic herb’s function as a nervine tonic comes as no surprise. Gotu kola is one of the strongest herbs for improving memory and focus without overstimulating hot Pitta constitutions.

Passion Flower & Ashwagandha
Enormous, dewey purple flowers with curling petals nestle sleepily in their vines. Passion flower is wonderful herb for those who can’t sleep, or suffer from anxiety. Coupled with ashwagandha, the famous Ayurvedic adaptogen, this duo replenishes an exhausted adrenal system with an excellent night sleep.

Echinacea Purpurea
Echinacea is Gaia’s claim to fame. Pink flowers dotted with hundreds of buzzing bees stretch into the distance. No one in our crew of herbalists was nervous of getting stung- It was clear they were here to feast on pollen! Echinacea, when prepared properly, is a powerful immune tonic. If you need an emergency “I can’t get sick!” remedy this cold and flu season, echinacea is your best bet.

Lemon Balm & Holy Basil
Lemon balm and holy basil make up another symbiotic pair. Lemon balm brings happiness, while holy basil helps you feel calm in the eye of the storm. This centered, grounded contentedness is the place from which we all make our best decisions, where creativity blooms, and connect deeply with our needs. In this mad world, lemon balm and holy basil are truly our allies.

Appalachian Storytellin’

On our final evening at the Farm, we gathered around in a half circle to listen to the stories of Doug Elliot. In this interweaving of tales with songs, we learned how to make a berry basket from spring poplar bark, that blackberries won’t sweeten without a late frost, and a tale all about three generations of chicken-egg-stealing snakes. Mr. Elliot jokingly incorporated his Parkinson’s tremor, then gracefully let his shaking left hand mold a mournful vibrato on the harmonica. That moment in particular speaks volumes about mountain culture. Hardship comes and goes, and sometimes stays around a long time. There’s no need to worry much- just accept and simply go on living.  In my dreams that night, I heard folk tunes and stories as old as the mountains themselves.

The next morning,  I boarded a plane bound for Santa Fe. New Mexico’s beauty is different- stark and wild in contrast to lush green. Dry air and big skies overhead, replaces humidity and a near canopy of trees. While it’s good to be home, a little part of my heart remains in the Land of Waterfalls.

P.S. If you are as heart-struck as I am about Appalachian Storytelling, take a peek at the North Carolina Storytelling Guild.




10 Benefits Of CBD For Chronic Pain

Honey Colony recently published my article on the Benefits of CBD for chronic pain. Here’s an excerpt:

Cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic compound found in marijuana, offers huge physical and emotional benefit to those suffering from chronic pain. Infused into glycerine, alcohol tincture, oil, or honey, CBD delivers the beneficial effects of medical marijuana without creating a high. For those who still wish to function efficiently throughout the day, CBD is a great solution.

Click here for the full article.

5 Ways Ayurveda Helped Me Regain My Life From Ankylosing Spondylitis

Good Morning!

I’m very happy to share my recently published article on Ayurveda and Ankylosing Spondylitis. It’s been quite a journey putting this story together over the past year. A big, huge, incredible thanks to Honey Colony for publishing this piece that means so much to me. If you have the time today, please take a moment to read 5 Ways Ayurveda Helped Me Regain My Life From Ankylosing Spondylitis. It’s a compilation of the many alternative practices that changed my life, with a big, shining focus on Ayurveda. Please share this information with those suffering from autoimmune or autoinflammatory conditions. There is relief in unexpected places.

Thank you, Honey Colony, and endless gratitude to all the wonderful people who have stood by my side on this 15 year journey.


(This is how happy it makes me! The story of this amazing day coming soon.)