Muse Lokajickova on The Brayton Birth Method Podcast

Revolutionary Care for the Generative Systems

Muse Lokajickova is an incredible practitioner of medicine for the generative systems. What does that mean? She explains it in her first podcast interview extremely clearly. Take a listen.

Dr. Laura Brayton, host of the Well-Adjusted Mama podcast, is a chiropractor at the Brayton Birth Method in Hoboken, New Jersey. This interview crossed not only countries but continents, as Muse lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This conversation weaves from the nervous system, the breath, expansion of the idea that the generative organs not only the origin of a new life in the form of a baby, trauma stored in the pelvis, resolution of emotional material (even when we are unaware of what that is), the global issue of colonialism, and more.

How to Find Muse & Dr. Brayton:

Learn more about Muse at her website:

And… if you’re lucky enough to be near Hoboken, NJ, reach out to Dr. Brayton at

Closing Words that I just Love:

“We can always bless our body with our own touch and attention, and let the medicine of our breath ventilate our system.”

-Muse, Medicine of the Feminine

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