Podcast Booking Services

Are you a holistic health practitioner with the desire to widen your audience and client base? Podcast engagements are a wonderful way to do this. I have built a wide network in the holistic medicine and media world, and can connect you to the best platform possible.

Podcasts are Opportunities to:

  • Share your expertise, services, & message
  • Connect you with the host’s audience
  • Connect on a deeply personal level with listeners
  • Grow your following
  • Excellent marketing tools that share exactly who you are and what you offer

The Process

We will do a detailed initial interview so I can understand your background, practice, offerings, and goals for growth. This allows me to share your unique voice with potential interviewers and engagements. After years of working in Ayurvedic medicine, the interview process is a skill I have honed. Together, we will express what makes your message necessary, inspiring, and valuable. From there, we will discover the right platforms that will share your expertise, build your audience and online presence. Ultimately this increases your community base.

I prep you on the type of show you’ll be on, & listen in on the interview and help make sure all your main points are hit, and guide the conversation when needed.

Plans & Pricing

Includes all scheduling and booking communication. Podcasts will be booked within the next 12 months.

The Intro 1 podcast scheduled per month + set up interview: $300

The Push 2 podcasts scheduled per month + set up interview: $500

The Hustler 4 podcasts scheduled month + set up interview: $800

Start Up Copy Package Basic materials to introduce you to use for your own self-promotion or in our work together. $175

  • A strong bio
  • A pitch letter
  • A press release


Please email heathervaughan11@gmail.com with any questions.

To see if talk about working with me, schedule a time to talk about what this entails, please choose Podcast Booking Consultation below.

Thank you!