Etienne Peirsman: Mahasoma Podcast

Curious about CranioSacral Therapy? Listen in to my Etienne Peirsman’s wonderful interview with Laura Poole on the Mahasoma Podcast. To learn more about how podcast bookings can grow your reach, click here.

Show Notes:

“In this episode we are very excited to have Etienne Peirsman share with our community his life’s work. Etienne has spent over 40 years developing and teaching Craniosacral, which is a profound technique that incorporates meditative depth into therapy. In this episode we speak about what craniosacral is, the therapy side and the ‘non-doing’ meditative side, and how Etienne’s near-death experience brought him to the practice. We also explore how to heal our hearts to let love flow, a new way of working with trauma and the healing power of doing nothing. Laura and Etienne speak about how craniosacral has changed people’s lives, how we can learn to give craniosacral to ourselves and others, and finally Etienne shares his greatest passion – teaching craniosacral to kids, and he speaks about the importance of birthing our children in non-violent ways.”

How to Find Etienne:

Peirsman CranioSacral Academy

Instagram: @peirsmancraniosacral


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